About Us

Cold Heart Ice Cream is your local ice cream parlor.


Come visit us and enjoy your favorite ice cream flavors or be a adventurous and try new ones.


Cold Heart, serving up the best frozen treats with a warm smile.

Our Story

Not too long ago in 2018 a couple of friends found themselves reminiscing about their childhood and the enjoyment they found when they went to their local ice cream parlor. Their longing to reconnect with their childhood forged the idea of recreating a neighborhood ice cream parlor filled with tradition, colorful décor, and an atmosphere you can enjoy.

After much planning and heartfelt ideas, Cold Heart Ice Cream was born. Cold Heart Ice Cream is filled with unique Mexican ice cream flavors, homemade refreshing fruit beverages and one of a kind mouthwatering savory snacks.

Cold Heart Ice Cream opened its doors on August 15, 2019 and they are excited to welcome people of all ages to a unique place where they can enjoy, share, and create their own memories.


“Cold Heart Ice Cream …
… Amazing Flavors for Amazing People”


Cold Hearts is an ice cream shop based in California.